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i came here to do two things: kick ass and chew bubble gum – Brooklyn and Rye

i came here to do two things: kick ass and chew bubble gum

i have a knack for starting companies during global economic catastrophes. my first business was started during the great recession of 2008. which, looking back wasn't all that great compared to what we are dealing with now. my second, during the tech-boom crisis in seattle in 2017. my third in idaho in a depressed area. and now my fourth during 2020's dumpster fire. i'm either a masochist or i'm addicted to the power of potential, i'm gonna go for the latter on this one.

one thing remains the same since 2008: i believe wholeheartedly in the power green, of women, and of indie businesses joining forces. this power trio has been my northern star for more than 12 years. this is my secret sauce. i think now more than ever these three ideals are what will heal us, what will save us, and what will power us forward into a better tomorrow. women don't tend to show unfettered support and collaboration with each other. we view each other as competition and that's just never been the case for me. i believe that when women get together and make plans, this is where our powers align for the greater good.

2020 might not look like the right time to start a business on paper but i think energetically, there could be no better time to create a community of people who value what i value, enjoy what i enjoy, and who believe things MUST get better.

now it's time to go kick ass.

be kind to you & others,

xo m

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