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starting fresh, like reeeeeally fresh – Brooklyn and Rye

starting fresh, like reeeeeally fresh

so I began my first business IG in 2015 and have built it up over the years, in areas i have lived in, building local followers attached to those locales. well now that we are in boston, followers in boise idaho aren't necessarily into supporting a company all the way across the country. i built up my following to over 12 thousand followers and i just deleted it today.

thousands of followers don't mean anything if they don't vibe with what you're currently up to. and frankly, having no real engagement anymore kinda gets you in your feels. so out with the old, in with the new. go follow us @apothespaboston. tell your friends. have your friends tell their friends lol. find more about us at!

let's build something cool. have a blog you want to collaborate on? we are here for it. wanna write a guest column for us? shoot us some ideas! we would also love to collaborate on content creation. we tend to build a following rather quickly, so join us for some fun.

as always, your support means a lot

xo m & m