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turning your house into a sanctuary – Brooklyn and Rye

turning your house into a sanctuary

pretty sure i have never spent this much time in my own home. ever. so i've been on a mission since april to make my space so much more inviting and enjoyable. one of the biggest ways we can do that is through aroma. aromatherapy gives us an opportunity to enable a specific response or create balance in our emotions and mood. feeling down? citrus. feeling wired? lavender. the list goes on but it's important to recognize the role scent plays in our own happiness. we can create aroma zones in the different areas of our homes. calming for the bedroom. uplifting in the bathroom. energizing in our workspace. and comforting in the kitchen. there are a myriad of options available. but don't forget the importance of making your  home your self-care headquarters. when we live where we work, it can be hard to ignite the self-will to get better or balanced. use aromatherapy to help give you the boosts you need.

xoxo -m