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Fountain of Youth Elixir – Brooklyn and Rye
Savor Beauty - Fountain of Youth Elixir - Apothespa New England
Savor Beauty - Fountain of Youth Elixir - Apothespa New England
Savor Beauty

Fountain of Youth Elixir

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Elevate your skincare ritual with the glow-inducing Fountain of Youth Restore Elixir.

This professional serum concentrate, designed for Savor Spa Treatments, is finally available in a limited quantity.

A potent blend of 8 precious essential oils, this formula drenches your skin with collagen-promoting violet leaf, firming rose otto and healing rare myrrh.

A heavenly violet garden in a bottle, this potent concentrated serum is best used with your favorite Savor Beauty serums or Truffle Face Cream

Glow-For-You Ingredients

  • Violet Leaf: a beautiful emerald oil that soothes skin and promotes new cells. Hello, plump collagen-rich skin.

  • Rose Otto: over 10,000 rose petals are picked to create a drop of essential oil, this ingredient firms and brighten tired skin.

  • Myrrh: sought out for mature skin, this resin turned essential oil accelerates healing with light antiseptic/antibacterial properties.

1. Age-delaying Face Cream: Mix 1 drop of the elixir into a dollop of Truffle Face Cream. Blend thoroughly in the palm and massage into the face and neck.

2. Supercharged Serum: Mix 1 drop of the elixir with 2-4 drops of your favorite serum. Blend thoroughly in the palm, pat + press onto skin in upward motions. Do not use with the Carrot Rose Serum, as it is too active on the skin.

3. Radiance Mask: Mix 1 drop of the elixir with a hydrating mask. Blend together in silicone or non-stick bowl, and apply with a brush in upward motions on the face and neck. For optimal results, use a red LED light for the ultimate age-delay glow.